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Municipal Tech


Road sweepers, washers, multi-purpose water modules, tunnel washing arms, fire-fighting equipment, sanitation systems. Through its online sales platform, Municipal Tech provides a wide range of machinery and accessories designed to meet your specific needs.

The company is spread over an area of ​​2,300 square meters covered, divided into two factories duly equipped for the operational function they must perform, and 2,800 square meters uncovered used for storage and storage of equipment and vehicles.


We design and manufacture water modules, street washers, fire-fighting equipment, sweepers, filler spreaders, tunnel washer arms, sanitation systems, New Jersey washing system with great attention to the adaptation of our products to the customers' vehicles, low maintenance and personalized services.

Tailored solutions

All our machines for street cleaning and urban redevelopment (tunnel washing arms, filler spreaders, fire-fighting equipment, street washers, multi-purpose water module sanitization systems, sweepers, etc.) are tailor-made for the needs of your company.

Highly qualified team

Municipal Tech machines and accessories are highly customizable. This is possible thanks to the skills of our engineers, an innovative vision and in-depth knowledge of each material, the competence of our staff and the possibility of using specialized companies in our area and synonymous with total Italian quality.

After sales assistance and maintenance

The after-sales assistance service is active within the company which, by telephone, e-mail or chat, can satisfy every need, guaranteeing the support of a specialized technician. We also carry out ordinary and scheduled maintenance cycles, repairs, overhauls and bring all road cleaning equipment and machines up to standard. An extraordinary maintenance service is also available for all street cleaning machines.


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