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Road maintenance and cleaning

Street sweepers in stock


Our street sweepers in stock are simple and reliable machines, ideal for cleaning large areas. They work using a sweeper roll that picks up dirt and transports it to a collection box. We offer several highly efficient, fast, easy-to-handle models, ideal for cleaning large areas in a short time.

High-performance easy-to-handle street sweepers in stock

Our street sweepers for cleaning roads are highly efficient and easy to use. They are ideal for cleaning small, medium and large areas. Light and easy to handle, they can easily access all hard-to-reach places to fulfil their street-cleaning function.

The rolls used to sweep away dirt, dust and other objects are made of a strong and durable material, and can easily be replaced if necessary. They are used to remove dirt and dust from surfaces.

We offer a broad range of street sweepers in stock, essential equipment for road maintenance. They are designed to remove material from the road surface and ensure effective cleaning. The street sweepers, as mentioned, are available in different sizes and models according to client needs.

Our company, where necessary and possible, also offers customised machines with various available optionals, and the possibility to adapt the equipment to the client’s vehicle.

Say goodbye to road dust and dirt thanks to our sweepers

Street sweepers are an essential tool for civil maintenance works. Thanks to the roll function, dirt and debris are easily removed from footpaths and roads. We have a range of models that differ in size, power and functionality. The most recent models are fitted with various accessories such as an integrated washing system, enabling efficient cleaning even of the most hard-to-reach places.

We offer different types of roller sweepers for street cleaning, so it is important to choose the one that best suits your needs. For example, certain roller sweepers for street cleaning are equipped with a rotating brush that can also be used to clean the roadside. Other models have a fixed brush which is perfect for cleaning large areas. Lastly, some models combine both brushes to offer utmost versatility. Request a consultation with our team of experts and let them guide you in selecting the best street sweepers in stock most suited to your needs.

All our products embody our experience and reliability in the design, production and servicing of machinery for road management.  
We focus on adapting our products to clients’ vehicles, ensuring low maintenance and customised services. In the case of special requirements, we can adapt our equipment to suit your needs, as mentioned.


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