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Snow machinery

Small snow ploughs


Our company offers various small snow ploughs for a broad range of vehicles suitable for working even on the narrowest and most impervious roads.

The small snow ploughs we propose are durable and high-performing because they are built using the best stainless materials available. Our team of expert professionals can identify the solution most suited to your needs. This means we are able to offer a fast, accurate and professional service.

All our products embody our experience and reliability in the design, production and servicing of machinery for road management.

Compact size for our practical and easy-to-handle snow ploughs

Snow-covered or icy roads can become a real problem, especially in certain areas, in the winter. To best cope with this time of year, our company offers a broad range of small snow ploughs. The compact size of these machines makes them lighter than other models intended for trucks, for example, and they are designed to be able to work on even the narrowest and most impervious roads. 

These particular compact models are also an excellent solution for those looking to cover a large area in a short time. They are easy to use, fast, simple to install and very easy to handle, but above all, they can also be used in tight spaces, as mentioned. Our small snow ploughs are suitable for pick-ups or small trucks, for example, and are particularly light.

They are ideal for covering different-sized areas such as car parks, town squares, garages, cycling or pedestrian paths, narrow city streets and other small outdoor spaces. They are tools particularly effective in clearing snow in order to restore safe road conditions.

Resistant and easy to handle

Small snow removal equipment is used to clear snow from various areas and restore safe road conditions. Our snow blades are able to plough with the highest precision on various surfaces, even on slopes. The compact design allows a high degree of manoeuvrability as well as possible adaptation to various vehicle models. The materials used to make them are designed to withstand weathering, corrosion, intense use and extreme temperatures.

For years, our company has specialised in the design and development of snow ploughs and snow removal equipment in different models and sizes, able to satisfy a wide range of needs. The in-house design department managed by our own qualified staff and experts in the use of 3D simulation and rendering software, allows us to develop new projects based on client requests. 
In some cases, customised changes can in fact be requested. Contact our support department for information on our customisation service.

All our small snow ploughs are efficient, safe and certified according to European directives and are ISO 9001 compliant. 
Purchasing one of our products also entails additional benefits. Thanks to these tools and machinery to cope with the winter season, you can put your vehicles to good use in seasons when you wouldn't normally use them, thus essentially creating a source of income.